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Deal sourcing, sometimes called deal origination , is a process that investment bankers, venture capitalists and private equity firms use to find and target prime investment opportunities. Success in the equity business necessitates pitching to buyers, managing existing relationships, generating leads, and a host of other strategies.

A Guide for Impact Investment Fund Managers

These days, however, when there are more than 8, private equity firms in the marketplace — with more joining every day — one of the biggest challenges that deal professionals face is finding ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. How do they do this? The goal of any private equity firm or bank is this: a steady deal flow via capture of a large volume of investment banking deals. Naturally, investment banks and PE firms choose to employ different deal sourcing strategies according to what works best for them.

Typically, a firm will choose one of two strategies for sourcing:.

How to ‘Moneyball’ Your Private Equity Deal Sourcing

In-House — An in-house team is created to work directly with the investment managers to generate leads and oversee equity deal processes. The team is often composed of veteran finance professionals who have already found industry success and established relationships with potential targets.

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How Jolt Capital made a deal-sourcing robot

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To learn more about what data we collect and your privacy options, see our privacy policy. I Understand. Deal Sourcing is an important and indispensable function performed by finance professionals working in Investment Banks, Venture Capital firms and Private Equity firms. It is the first step in creating a deal and involves generating deals to pitch to potential buyers.

Firms make use of both the traditional approach as well as the new age Online Deal origination approach.

Private Equity Sourcing Associate — Crossover

Both approaches are aimed at ensuring a large volume of deal flow to maintain a viable deal flow pipeline; however, the online deal origination approach is slowly and gradually gaining major share through which deal origination is done in the current scenario. Financial Technology companies such as Navatar, Dealsuite etc allows business owners, advisors, private equity firms and strategic buyers to post their mid-market sell side listing and buy-side mandates through the use of their sophisticated technology platforms which make use of the advanced algorithm in connecting the right parties.

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  4. Using these advanced algorithm companies can specify their target industry, transaction size, location preference, and industry criteria etc thereby substantially reducing the time taken in the Deal Origination process and also improves the conversion rate through automation of processes. This has been a guide to what is Deal Origination.

    Here we discuss most popular deal origination strategies, skills involved in this deal origination job and approaches to deal sourcing. You may learn more about Investment Banking from the following articles —. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.