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Vice President Pence spoke with reporters in Ankara after reaching an agreement with Turkey on a hour pause in military operations in northern Syria to facilitate the removal of Kurdish forces,…. He spoke about the….

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Campaign Teaching Resources. Aggregated Resources by Curriculum and Theme. Friday, October 25, Cybersecurity and Campaign Cyber threat intelligence analyst Charity Wright discussed cyber threats and disinformation campaigns targeting the elections. Wednesday, October 23, Filmmaker Michael Moore Discussing Public Services and Taxes Filmmaker Michael Moore talked about progressive proposals for government funded health care, college and childcare.

Thursday, October 17, Vice President Pence Announces Turkish Ceasefire in Syria Vice President Pence spoke with reporters in Ankara after reaching an agreement with Turkey on a hour pause in military operations in northern Syria to facilitate the removal of Kurdish forces, which will be followed by a permanent ceasefire. Wednesday, October 16, Rep. The political promise of a good job has been eclipsed by the prospect of guaranteed minimum wages and, in some cases, guaranteed income regardless of work.

Sanders has made increasing the minimum wage one of his hallmarks. When Sanders first introduced the bill in , only five senators added their names as co-sponsors. That number jumped to 30 just four years later, and every Senate Democrat running for president now backs his initiative. An increased minimum wage pales in comparison to the massive jobs program included in the Green New Deal. Introduced by Sanders acolyte Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it calls for an economic effort to combat climate change no less dramatic than the mobilization for the Second World War.

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The plan would blaze a path to the middle class for anyone able to follow. After the more controversial aspects of her proposal sparked an uproar, Ocasio-Cortez scrapped that blueprint in favor of a non-binding resolution that affirmed the overall spirit but not the specific policy proposals of the Green New Deal. Aside from Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Rep.

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Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, the entire field has voiced support. Every Senate Democrat running for president endorsed the idea.

The Democratic Debates So Far: Nearly 300 Questions, but None About the National Debt

The remaining mix of governors, mayors, and representatives voiced support for the spirit of the proposal if not the initial specifics. While some candidates shy away from specifics on environmental reform and subsequent economic redistribution, Andrew Yang is more than happy to discuss his plans to give away money.

Yang calls it a Freedom Dividend, his brand name for what economists describe as Universal Basic Income. More than years after the end of the Civil War, only former Rep. Even Sanders, though initially hesitant to back payments, said that as president he would sign legislation that creates a commission.

The discussion over reparations hinges on what the payments look like, as Harris explained last month in an interview with NPR. She did not say where the money should come from. First, build as many as 3.

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When we listen to the American people — and this is what they want us to do — they want everyone covered, but they want to be able to maintain choice. Hickenlooper agreed that if the public is offered a choice, the system will move toward Medicare-for-all. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, former Colorado Gov. New York Sen.

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