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Suggestion to hotel: Let guests call in thier tag number if they dont have it within a reasonable amount of time. Suggestion to travelers: Have your tag memorized. No Wi-Fi codes was given in my check in paperwork. Called the Office, and they gave me the code. Used the code, but guess what? The signal is terrible and I couldnt connect to my server.

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Called them back to ask them where can I get a good signal? They said, yes, because of the concrete buildings, it is weak, and they suggested I go sit in the cafe, office, or 'certain areas' around the hotel. Wherever that is.

Suggestion to resort: Give guests the Wi-Fi code upon check in. Make them aware of the signal problems, and have places on the resort to improve the signal. Suggestion to guest: Use your phone as a hot spot. So, I packed up the laptop and cord, went to the cafe, had a seat, and plugged in my laptop. No Power.

Went to another table, plugged in the laptop, no power. Went to a third outlet and table, no power. Suggestion to resort: Every place that has an outlet, fix it so it works, or drywall over it. Suggestion to guest: Fully power your devices and dont expect the outlets to be working. Went on the deck outside that was shaded with palms, I didnt want to work outside i the heat, but it was shaded.

LIfted up the electrical box cover to plug in my laptop, and guess what? It is not a v outlet! You can't plug it in-There is only 2 holes! Suggestion to resort: Fix the problem. Suggestion to guest: Fully power your devices and dont expect outlets to be compatible with your device power cord.

Note: The Non-Smoking is a joke. There was smoking all around me. It was unbearable. No-one adhered to the policy or enforced it. So, went back to the room. My 6 year old was beyond patient, and I said, lets go swimming in the pool. Got to the pool, and despite the picture on the website, there was only 3 tables with umbrellas and those were taken.

I am a skin cancer survivor, so I need the shade. If I wanted shade, I had to leave the pool area and fence, and sit on the sundeck underneath the tiki hut, but you cant see your child. So, I was forced to sit in the sun or disappoint my duaghter-I sat in the sun. Suggestion to resort: Buy some more umbrellas.

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Suggestion to guest: Be aware. Get their early and claim a table with umbrella. Note: There are bulbs out at the pool, and no in-pool lights. Huge safety risk for the hotel. Very dark after sunsets. Dried off and went back to the room. Pulled out my key, and guess what? Key isnt working!

I can't get in my room.

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Luckily, I was beach front, and went through the sliders. So, I called the front desk, and told them about the key. They said, "Yes, that sometimes happens. We think its the chlorine. It would hav been helpful if you would tell your guests that. Can I get another key? YOU just come down to the front desk, and we will give you one! Suggestion to hotel: Send someone to the room with a new key for your guest. Suggestion to guest: Don't get your key wet if you want it to work. I know your at the beach on vacation-Don't get it wet.

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Got showered off after getting the key, and it was night time. My daughter and I did eat at the cafe, and the server Mary was wonderful and welcoming. They Outrigger Burger was great, and my duaghter enjoyed the ice cream and small chat with Mary. She was a bright spot. Went back to the room to watch TV.

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Grabbed the remote-and guess what? Remote doesnt work. Grabbed the second remote.

42365 Garfield Rd, Clinton Township, MI 48038

Unless you squeeze down really hard and go lower then the TV and to the right, you might be able to change the channel. It was ridiculous. Suggestion to guest: Dont expect the remotes to work. Note: The TV's are ridiculously small for the room. The wall mounts are bigger than the TV.

Off to Bed. The AC in that room is 5 feet from the bed and the noise was awful, but what was worst was the constant air flow on you. It was like the window rolled down in your car. No one night did we sleep well. Suggestion to resort Fix the problem, or move the bed to another part of the room.

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Suggestion to guest: If you like air blowing on you, then you'll enjoy the accomodations. Next morning, got up early to take my daughter swimming. We go early because of the skin cancer issue, and try to do these things first thing before the sun is completely up or when the sun sets.

Anyway, walked to the pool at am, and I dee a guy cleaning the pool. Im already thinking about how to break the news to my daughter. I asked the guy, "Excuse me, when will it be ok to swim? It was that look, followed by, "The pool opens at " I said, "Ok, sorry. First time here. Have a nice day". SO, we left.

I explained to my daughter what the rules were, and that we would have to go later.

While they have been here for weeks, months, or years, your guests have not. THey need to keep that in mind-Regardless, train your staff how to treat and respond to guests that are reflective of the image you are trying to create, or get new staff that know better. Suggestion to guest:The pool opens at am.

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Don't go early.