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Nowadays Projectors come in all shapes and sizes, some are more suited towards home use while there are others that are more suited for boardroom or classroom.

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With our handy buyers guide, we can help you choose the right projector. Choosing the correct projector type is an important step as there are a few ways they can differ from each other. Here are the main types of projector technology:. There is also no cool down or warm up time and you can still get a clear sharp image with high resolution. When choosing a projector the first thing to consider is the space you are going to place it in.

If you want the projector out of the way but still accessible, think about a ceiling mounted projector that will clear space on surfaces. These units can be placed anywhere from 5cm to 40cms away from the wall and still project a viewing area as little as 70 inches to a massive inches! The first thing to learn about brightness is, a brighter projector does not always mean better quality. With brightness it all comes down to where and how you will use your projector. If you plan on a home cinema system and are going to have the lights low while you watch your movies, then a lumen brightness level of will be perfect for producing sharp and large images.

On the other hand, if you used a projector and set it to a lumen brightness level of , usually in that same dark environment, you will find it could cause strain on your eyes. Whereas in a lit room environment it will appear clear and more comfortable to watch. Another factor for consideration is the contrast level of the projector. Contrast Ratio is the difference between the darkness and lightness levels that are projected on to the screen. The higher the Contrast Ratio the richer and clearer the details of the image being projected will look, this is especially important if you are looking to buy a projector for home cinema use.

It is important to note that much like a brightness level can be affected by the ambient light in a room, the contrast level can be effected in much the same way. If the ambient lighting levels in a room are too high then the screen will appear bright as a projector adds light, whereas in a pitch black dark room the projection will appear very dark, even if you are a projecting on to a pure white surface.

Working to the room where you are setting up your projector makes it easier to work out the size of screen you can fit into your space. They have the potential to be as little as 40 inches but equally where you place certain models you could cover a size of about inches!

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So when you consider what projector to buy ensure that it is able to produce a size that suits your area. While also bearing in mind the surface you want to project on, is it clear of items or, will you need to buy an actual projector screen that can cover that surface while the projector is in use. Here is a link to a handy post that will help you work out the best spot to place your projector. This feature is under a certain amount of debate. Do the speakers you get in a projector compare at all to external speakers?

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The answer, yes they certainly can. If you are after a simple setup built-in speakers could be the answer for you. After a powerful clear speaker for that cinema experience? Again, there is an option!

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Built-in speakers are a great option to save you money and a lot of effort. Now this option will relate more to what devices you would like to use with your projector. Here is a list of the inputs available across the projector range with a little information on how they can be used:.

For this type of cable, again it will depend on the devices being connected and if they are compatible with DVI. Alternatively you can use it to access various online streamers such as Netflix or NowTV.

enter site On the other hand, a great option for simple set up and connection in the boardroom. USB Universal Serial Bus — The most common and compatible of all connections, perfect for connecting accessories such as, extra speakers, storage devices and even computers. Representative Example: Purchase rate Credit subject to Status. Terms and Conditions apply. Box Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Track Order. We'll also tell you everything you need to know, such as when the sale starts, what prices you can expect, and what retailers are participating, right through Cyber Monday.

But, what we will say, is that the best projectors are almost always Full HD and come with built-in speakers. You can do better for less. You can probably stop reading right here. This is the best cheap projector you're going to find. Sure, the BenQ TH might be a bit more than you were looking to spend, but it's almost impossible to find a better projector in terms of quality versus price.

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Those speakers could be a hair bit more powerful, but for the price it's hard to complain too much. The projector is capable of images spanning from 60 to inches across and its lamp is rated for 4, - 10, hours depending on which modes you primarily use.

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In a very solid second place is Optoma's excellent HDX projector. It has a full p x resolution, 3, ANSI lumens of brightness, 23, high contrast ratio and built-in watt speakers. It even supports 3D video to boot. Yes, we're really including two BenQ projectors on this list.

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While the TH is still king of the proverbial projector castle, the W isn't a bad third choice. Surround sounds explained What is a soundbar? Why pay more for home cinema amplifiers? What is multi-room? What is Sonos? How do I get the best from my headphones?

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