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I respect your decision for not wanting to participate, L. But yeah, there is always risks involved and as with most other things in life it is a balancing act. Screw the consequences. I go on my days off.

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They have Specials every month.. Csl plasma pay 50 for the first 5 donations. Regular donors get paid based on weight but almost every month they have promotions i just have 90 dollars extra for my 8 donaton of the month. Why are sooo many people writing negative comments and have to disagree. Every has a different experience and how they look at the situation. No one is wrong.

Anytime you donate whether its first time or frequently expect to be there for a while. My first time i was in there for about 2 and a half hours. Not that i go often its more like an hour on a good day. Yeah there are risks obviously this is your body anything can go wrong. Everyone has a different situation and needs. I donate at grifolis and have always been treated well and with dignity. Gmoney is right. No explanation nothing. They still get my plasma they save The time this person tries to sell you is bullshit. You still have to register and get screened then wait to get stuck.

Aplace i used to go i never got out in less than two hours. I went there for about 4 years because it was near my work. I have laid on the couch for 20 minutes waiting to be unhooked from the machine. About three months ago i saw a woman pull the needle out of her arm grab a bandage and walk out cussing she had been waiting while the attendants bullshited.

But how much do these companies sell the plasma for? But does that really matter? I mean, there are a lot of things we sell and buy that the original buyers and sellers pay much more for.

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Not to mention that even though the hospitals and centers may sell the plasma for more than they pay you, they also have to cover the cost of running their whole operation. You are absolutely correct, Carolina. But at the end of the day they are paying you for the plasma in the blood you donated.

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Yeah they get a lot of money to sell our plasma to big pharma companies but that money is paying for all the centers employees salaries and machines and supplies. It is not donating if we are getting paid. I supplemented my income with this SALE of my bioproducts in school and the euphemism always rang false to me, especially when most companies were extracting more plasma for the same payment from people over a certain weight.

Thanks for the tip about the Atlantic article. I will bring it along for something to read the next time financial necessity demands I sell my body for money. I used to always wonder why thy would call it donating but then pay you. Plus we are helping make life saving medicines. It does save lives.

And there is nothing wrong with getting paid for it. These places are offering cash incentive. There are plenty of free places for blood donation as well that anyone can use. CSL is the lowest paying place here in Fl. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I donate 6 months on 6 months off which gives my body a break in between and also gives me the advantage of getting the new donor amounts once per year. I have been donating plasma for years, I go twice a week.

I donate at CSL and have always been treated with respect. I donate the which is the most you can donate. Plus there are usually monthly bonuses, which varie each month. As for the length of time it takes that depends alot on you, how much water you drink and what you are the day before. The more hydrated you are the quicker you donate and stay away from cheese, and fatty foods.

Please remember to print or take a screenshot of the 100 coupon.

These things all factor into the time it takes to donate. Chumba casino promotion links.

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